My absent-mindedness

“I'm healthy and happy, I'm getting wealthier each and every day, I will achieve all of my goals, AND SO IT IS." Lexxy ( although I think the show is absolutely stupid but…) This quote is actually apart of my morning routine. I like to start and end my day with positive affirmations that will help me focus. It works, well sometimes one of the affirmations that i had to repeat over and over and over again yesterday was MY MIND IS CALM. But that didn't help me much. I had the most horrific day... I spent 2 hours turning my room upside down looking for my SB 800 flash for my camera. And the worst part of it is that I didn’t even use it. Not once.
I have this problem with loosing things all the time. I’ve never actually lost anything as expensive as that SB 800, so it hurts like hell to know that my absent-mindedness has now cost me 700 dollars.
After crying for half of the time I spent looking for it, I finally called for some back-up, my boyfriend, who began right away with his “You should be more careful with your things, I’m tired of telling you that. I can’t keep looking after your stuff all time.” speech, followed by me throwing another enormous childish fit, and falling asleep with tears in my eyes.
I know you’re thinking "why is she telling me this?" I'm sorry but it was a frustrating experience and I had to share it with anyone willing to listen…or read.
So now I’m left with this big knot in my stomach.
Lesson learned: Take care of what’s valuable to you.


panko said…
all this for us700.00?????:):)
It's not just us700. it's the fact that i actually lost it. and it took me so long to get it.
Gito said…
Remeber one of my mantras, KEEP YOU ROOM TIDY. I think you need to deliberately develop an OCD. It doesn't hurt, it just helps you in moments like this. Now remember how this was not just me trying to get in your nerves?
Dad, I know, i know...
but i'm still hoping the flash will magically appear somewhere.

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