The truth is…I'm not sure.

On Saturday I went over a very special lady’s house, Beatriz Costa, she runs that store at Centro Cultural Franco Mocambicano, with all those beautiful unique pieces of local art. Anyway, Bea and I chatted a lot over lunch (she cooks like a queen!), and one of the things we spoke about was this very issue of vanity, the excess and exaggeration.

 Considering that there’s a “crisis” in the world, I’m investing on my character.

It adds more value to my life.


Meanwhile …I saw a couple of things around her humble abode that I found so special and unique. After a belly full of delicious homemade cooking and mind that is equally fed with inspiring conversation, I walked around her house and snapped some pieces that caught my attention. I love the warm, cozy and inviting feeling that her house has. Every little piece or ornament in her house, has a story or a person attached to it. I think that’s really special, and it adds a more personal value to your belongings. In a way, you’re no longer attached to things, but ideas, and people and moments.

The truth is…I'm not sure what I ever hoped to accomplish by blogging. I think it was more a compulsion than anything. I had stuff to say, damnit, and I wanted to know if anyone would listen. I needed more, always more social interaction, especially when I started blogging, which was when I was when I moved to Mozambique and dealing with a lot of isolation and not having enough fun… more like, not having enough people to have fun with. I figured there were people on the Internet who were in a similar situation. I would have always said that I was trying to do some kind of public service. I still think that's true. I think blogging can be incredibly important to people who feel isolated or alone, people trapped in bad relationships or shitty towns or a dead-end job. This is not my case, mind you.

When I left Maputo (to Norway) it made me like blogging less and less. I spoke to a lot of people who are journalists and writers and bloggers and it seems that so many people are connected intimately to this internet, more so than they are to each other. I’m tired of malicious comment threads where it seems like everyone is itching for a fight or attention. I got tired of people trying to score points. Or talking about what they’re wearing, or what they would like to have, or what the “fashion” trend is currently. I hate that fucking shit.

…. the truth is this: I don't have as much to say any more. I have less patience for trying to convince people who disagree with me…. And I have no fucks to give for your latest wardrobe, or whatever hair cut you’re sporting. Fuck that. Like, seriously.  

I'm not saying I don’t or I won’t do things like that, case in point. But I’m more into things that move me and inspire me. I want to read something that will make me change my mind about something. Do you get me?

I want to write it out and pull things together and make something coherent out of living, in words.

Thank you all for reading.

More than that…thank you for inspiring me, entertaining me and for being my friend.

I hope I see you all in the real world, and we can emphasize with hand gestures .


Yanda Sumbana said…
I get what u sayin, i feel like that about work, sometimes i would like to work on something that would inspire and motivate me to work more, instead of just doin the samething everyday . Sometimes we need a change of rotine in everything we do. Dope words and i love the pictures :)
Dad said…
Hey, what's up? Will you give me an update on anything? Anything!

Love Dad.
Unknown said…
Hey, what are you up to? Is almost September in my calendar over here, anything new?

Love you,
Carla_Nandez said…
That's what makes what you write so dam interesting. You dont care what other think or do, you yearn for inspiration. Without knowing, these "confused" questions triggered inspiration in someone else - for, it kinda told me "do more and say less".

So cheers to being all f#$@#ed up and writing out all your frustrations.

I love it, the writing, the topical discussions, the non-held-back opinions and the visually stimulating images!!

i miss my tia bea, that wonderful kitchen and house :)

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