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In the Present

Are you here?
Hello there!
Hey beautiful… yeah, you!
I'm here........

Thanks for checking up on me.... you know yourselves.
You guys are awesome! You know I've been quiet ‘cause........wait for it...........I've just been quiet. I've been reading blogs rather than blogging. I guess in the blogsphere I would be considered a good reader. I thoroughly enjoy reading about other peoples lives. Seriously. Sometimes there are so many things to blog about but it's so hard to pick one to start with. So I guess I'll start with Hello!

… and I Just had a flashback to primary school where the teacher or class representative would call out your name and you have to yell present to show you were there. Also I remember friends who would mumble “Present” to cover the fact that you weren’t there. Aah…Good times! And also…that’s not why I’m here…. I have to confess, in many situations, I could be present but barely in the present. Like, I’m here writing this right? No… I’m not even…

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