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You know...

Hi Guys!

You probably deserve an update on things... or at least a plausible reason for my absence.
Here it goes... i don't owe you anything. You have been busy too, don't act like you've been waiting for this.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me tell you something;

I am losing my shit right now. 2016 has been such an uphill battle for everyone. I wouldn't blame you if you feel like giving up entirely.

You know what guys, let's take a moment to be grateful. Grateful for:
The fact that you still have means of earning a living.
the fact that you still have a spouse/significant other... I know  a number of people went through divorce and separation this year. That can be tough
The fact that you are still surrounded by your loved ones, some of you lost loved ones this year, it is a hreatbreaking

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