S is for Evrysing


                                   Thank the heavens for a well-deserved time off….
       The weekend, that is.

Lots of dancing in circles, doing the robot, role playing with dolls and all sorts of silly things… thank the heavens for my little sister.
My sisters and I love making videos of ourselves doing all sorts of silly things. We've all always enjoyed making choreography to our favorite songs and videotaping our dance.

Although we don't post it online, we watch it together, make fun of ourselves, and maybe share the video with my friends and family. This weekend was no different; however, while watching the video alone later that night, I suddenly realized how much these girls have grown. In our old videos, it was always me with little kids running around, but when I watched the video yesterday, I saw how much they have grown –They’re now almost my height. Even though Kezia is 11 and Lukie is 12 years old, I still can’t get past the fact the they’re my baby sisters.

For some reason, I can't seem to get the images of them as a babies out of my head. I am about 10 years older them, so all the memories of their childhood are vivid in my memory. Anyway, I digress...this is just making me feel old.

This morning I decided to do this post in honor of my little sisters’  and to express my gratitude for all the accessories and experiences that come with being their older sister.

I took these pictures of the weekend activities, watching them play and participating in their daily activities has become my favorite sober ;-) thing to do!


I'm thankful for:

1. Making me a parent before my time:

I’ve had to take on the responsibility of caring for them. They both moved here from Pemba when they were in the 3rd grade, and since their relocation, I've only watched my responsibilities increase exponentially.

I take them to school at times, attend school days, parent-teacher meeting, doctor appointments, I do their back to school shopping, look over homework, HAIR... etc etc.
 It no easy, but we keeping our head above water one way or the other :-) Things are definitely getting easier as they grow, but I sometimes still miss the cute little girls who loved anything I di for them…now they’re full of opinions.

Clothes shopping was definitely easier back when they were babies still.

But times have SO changed, my people.
Globalization has fully set in in the minds of the adolescent African.

I try to teach them that clothes don't make the person, but that message enters one ear and flies out the other. There is pressure from school mates, TV, telenovela’s magazines , Hanny Montanas…. who set the standards of what is "cool" in clothing.

2. Making me a competitive mom before my time

Any given Sunday you will find me living through my sisters....
don't blame those pageant moms who put their toddlers in pageants or stage moms, these things have a way of creeping up on you subconsciously.. There’s nothing I love more than see to see my sisters perform and shine with anything they choose to put their energy in.


3. Making me watch Rebeldes Atracoes, Pirilim Pim Pim, etc..

Ahhhhhhhhh, what my sisters have done to me. When you can start reciting some lines from Kastelo Bravo, Fabio Dance, Fred Jossias you know that you are around a kid.

My sister Lukie will watch and rewatch and rewatch episodes of infamous telenovela “Rebeldes” from Miramar. I don't know how she puts herself through that. But from her constant rewatching of these shows, I now know most of the episodes, and I can complete some of the lines. You might also catch me singing the theme song of Rebeldes or some other show...

Kezia, sometimes has a serious mind of her own. I had some difficult relationships with females throughout my life, but nothing as challenging as this one.

She’s the ultimate reincarnation of cool. Nothing you do, say, or think is equally as cools as her.

I have never been so determined to win someone over as much I’m set on her.

I love my sisters. They have been a wonderful addition to my life in general. They are now headed the 8th grade, high school, and thus far they’re enjoying the experience and some of the new freedoms they have earned.

Alright folks, have a peaceful week... I'll be back soon... VERY soon.


Anonymous said…
Awww so beautiful! I love your blog

Mebrat :)

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