Quero Descer

I'm not dead. Last time I checked my pulse, I was still breathing.

I do have a problem, though. My job is turning into my life and my life is becoming my job.
Hmmmmm....An example:

Friend: Hey what are you up to today?
Me: [grunts] … I dunno, just work I guess.
Friend: [silence]…today is Saturday… you wanna try that again?
Me: [moans]… I have no life.
Friend: Ok, enjoy that. Bye.

To all my friends out there… my homies ( there's only like 3 or maybe 4 of you out there,, and one of you is somewhere in Italy), I’m sorry. I know this is pathetic, but I’m trying real hard to come to my senses and get my shit together.

Part of it is because I have so much pressure from work, and I’m really afraid of failing. So I have concentrated all my energy on doing that right. So when it gets to the weekend all I can do is…sleep, and chill with my sisters.

Speaking of sisters, we spent all Sunday up on the rooftop messing around with my phone and recorded this video.

My sisters are very dedicated to their religion, admirably so, and sometimes I’ll catch Jerusa (aka Lukie), jamming on some gospel songs. That’s as far as my religious experiences go.
She asked me not to make a fuss about this, so if you run into her, I doubt that you will, but if you  do, just....Shhhh.


Clenia Gigi said…
Finally a new post, gosh you took forever! :-)
Clenia Gigi
I'll better... I promise :-)
Clenia Gigi said…
Well can you kindly post a new post and not a post about not having time to post! :p
Hahha... That's a valid request Ms. Gigi, i will do so...but only because you asked! :-)
Clenia Gigi said…
Oh i'm special;( :D :p
well thanks!

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