Just You And Me Dancing

Ah! Hello there you beautiful human!!! Fancy meeting you here… doing a bit of recreational stalking? Uh?

Okay… so, for all you guys that send questions to talumbakatawala@gmail.com and/or my facebook and twitter, I’ve decided to have some fun with your questions!

To spare you the embarrassment, I’ve kept your names a secret…

What's your morning routine?

Haha! Wake up. Put glasses on (Yea, like Millhouse). Look at my phone. It's always the same response. "Shit...I'm late". Shower. Dress up. Brush teeth. Put contact lenses. Go to work.
 Where do you buy your clothes?!
Uh. Well… depends really… I’m really lucky; I have such great friends, they give me a lot of things. One of my best friends just had a baby recently (What up P!), and she got rid of a bunch of really nice pre baby clothes she had, so …that’s where I got that. And aunts, and colleagues and sisters-in-law, they all shower me with really cool things!

Most of the things I wear, I buy them from second hand markets around town. Like, Fajardo, Compone, Xipamanini or just random places. I know a lot of people around this side of town where I’m staying are really into designer clothes and what not… but I don’t really care much for that. I won’t judge you if I see you wearing those types of expensive clothes, but…

Speaking of second hand things, my mother loves buying and making things for me, recently she bought a really beat up bag from the streets and turned it into this....

and I thought it was so great; I took some pictures to share with you.
Shout out to all you mothers who love to see your girls shine!

If you could make a film...what would it be about?

I think I'd film a documentary. I'd base it someone taking some amazing road trips through Mozambique or something, like a cliche American teen film. The soundtrack would be sick though...

what's your idea of a good friday night?

One night I went out with a few people late in Maputo searching for nothing in parituclar. We got a bag and went over to a friend’s house strapped a few and just walked around his neighborhood doing nothing and experiencing the infinite possibilities of what could be. Any night could be a Good Friday night, it could be just you and me dancing, as long as we have that energy flowing through us... peacefully.

Speaking of good Friday nights (...I'm on a roll today!)... there's a really cool gig tonight (29 of June) at Coconuts Live, an Australian band made up of Sylvester Martinez aka Andrew Stanley and Johnson "Durango Slim" Peterson, better known as Yoland Be Cool is playing tonight. I'm sure you've heard that "We no Speak Americano" track of theirs, but you should go out there tonight and see them perform live. I'm really curious to see what their performance material is. Oh and guess who is opening for them? 340ml!!!!  Apparently they're bringing some new material, I'm anxious to hear it, after all it's been AGES since we've heard anything new from these cats.
A recipe for a great night... I hope to see you out there!


Pai said…
Happy Birthday Princess
Pai said…
Happy Birthday Princess!
Pai said…
Happy Birthday Princess!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Princess!

Muito obrigado Pai!
I love you!
Clenia Gigi said…
You are gorgeous! I swear I can see your personality in these photos. Keep on shinning.

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