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I spent this whole weekend paying extra attention to my little sister Jeruza, who’s 12 years old and is now breaking into teenage hood, and frankly I’m a little scared.

The more time I would spend with her, the more I would realize that I dont know her as well as I thought I did...and it occurred to me, we DO take a lot for granted. Whether it’s a friend, a girl or boy friend, husband or wife, brother or sister. We never take the time, to just appreciate and LOVE  this special person, and go out of our way to do something nice for them.

Because honestly, it won’t take that much out of your busy schedule, to just acknowledge that person.. Take them out to lunch, have a drink together, call them just because you heard their favorite song on the radio.

And the worst thing is, down the line, this special person will fade away, into the distant past (...oh but I wont late you fade Jeruza). And you’ll only notice it when you turn back, for that support you always knew would be there, and guess what, its not.

I dunno about you, but I’m going to dedicate one week every month to spend with that special person, and cement that special bond…



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