are you a TOMBASANA?

This Christmas I got a gift that I absolutely loved and thought all of you should get a chance to have one.

 Allow me to introduce Celia Pale (pictured) ; she's a Mozambican freelance Illustrator and textile designer, based near Toulouse, France.

I took a walk with her around the block and snapped these pictures of a couple of my personal favorites, while she talked about her work.

She designs these really nice pieces that belong to a line called Tombasana witch means 'women' in a dialect witch I cannot specify right now…but it's either Changana or Bitonga, I don't know… you find out.

Tombasana brings you an original fashion, ethical and fair, where African style combines ethnic inspired and contemporary aesthetics.

If you were here around December time, you probably heard about her during the Mozambique Fashion Week. She participated in the Young Designers exhibition.

The Tombasana designs and products are part of a sustainable production policy and made through natural materials that generate a minimum impact on the environment. All the products are is produced in a workshop in here in Mozambique, more specifically Maputo, under the rules of fair trade, for women who work to support their families.

Tombasana has a variety of really cute jewelry, handbags, accessories, belts and you name it. Not to mention the decorative objects for your home!
Visit the website for more information.



Tony Manna said…
muito bom gosto, valeu made in moz...
Tony, I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality and creativity that's coming out our designer lately.

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