Que Que?

the last days have found me very productive, although i have been doing things in a very chaotic manner. i have been dedicating good part of my time to my art direction work for the coming school year, which is bringing me great satisfaction and excitement. It is bothering me that i am not really seeing a lot of my independent production finished, I cant seem to finish any of the stuff start, and my online presence is being sort of neglected lately. I really apologize for all the unanswered emails, messages and comments. the day is just too short, the energy runs out sooner than I want it to, and my time on the computer really has to be limited to what really matters (summer is on full swing in the streets of Maputo). My slow rhythm and inability to get organized is not really compatible with all the stuff i need to get done.

so lately i have been doing this...
I have been on the verge of freaking out since Sunday morning. Actually, I take that back. I have been freaking out since Sunday. I am a mess..

When I get this way, I try to fill my days with work and my nights with friends.

The best nights are spent with friends. Eating, laughing at whatever ridiculous thing is going around town , watching random things on TV and marveling at how AWESOME life truly is....

Nothing special, but special to me.


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