nar·co·lep·sy (närk-lps)

I woke up this morning in a really ugly mood for some reason. I was having one of those narcoleptic sorts of days yesterday where I'd get all amped up like, 'ALRIGHT! Gonna start painting/ cleaning/ doing my have-to-do's now!" ...and then instead of going for the paintbrush, or cleaning up, or buying stuff I need, I'd go straight into my bed and pass out, Zzzz. It's like there was me... facing off  Productivity, and I totally faked that bitch out.

So naturally due to my excessive amount of sleep, I woke up at 7:30 this morning without an alarm, got up and had my cereal but it was a disgruntled affair because I had no cigarette (since buying cigarettes was on my list of things I didn't do yesterday).

The iPod shuffle gods were dually disappointing too, playing all sort of mushy sad garbledy-gook (that’s supposed to be interpreted as something you wouldn’t want to hear.) when all I wanted was some Nirvana or something, and not the sad shit, I mean the 'I wanna fuck you up but I don't care enough" stuff. Or something that would pick-me up and make me want to take over the world, or at least clean up after myself.

I thought maybe since I was deprived of one habit I should pick up another, more productive one so I resolved to read the news each morning, even though I swore off it after listening to NPR (National Public Radio) so excessively and I started to have anxiety attacks. So I go to Yahoo! News ,I thought I'd start off with some soft, crappy news, and it gave me exactly that… crap.

Why am in this wretched state, you maybe asking yourself…. Well for starters, I’m currently unemployed (I didn’t get fired or anything like that), I left my job shortly after getting my acceptance letter from the school I applied to in Oslo.

Now, I have the antagonizing task of waiting to hear the response from the Norwegian immigrations office. I detest waiting.

The more I wait the more frustrated I get. I can’t muster up any energy to the anything at all. And because of that, I have gained a significant amount of weight from all the anxious eating I’ve been doing. I’m not bothered by it….don’t get me wrong, I kinda like it actually. But it’s just a reflection on how unproductive I’ve been the past month.

Goodness, I cant believe I actually have this much to say about…nothing.


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