here i am again...

birthdays get less meaningful every year... I dont know if it's the actual thought of getting older that gets ... well, old... or if it's the idea of always having to make it such a big fucking deal. 
Just now a friend of mine asked if I was going to have a party or go out or something, and I said, "I am born everyday. I celebrate everyday. " and then he's all "So are you...going to do something special or ...?" 

Today is a special day, not only because it was my first day alive 22 years ago, but because I feel like I have spent this time well, and i have a lot of things to accomplish with the time will come. 

These few months I have spent away from Maputo have been incredibly insightful. 

These countries I have visited have been a true classroom.

I have plenty of things to celebrate, and I dont think it's going to be reserved only for the 17th of July.

So you want to know what I have planned for my birthday? 
reading, writing, listning...speaking.
 all that....
 at once!
 im going to go crazy!


Anonymous said…
:) Ohhh, i liked it talumbs! wish u many more!
Roby said…
Parabéns pelo blog. Encontrei-o por acaso. Se eh que realmente algo acontece por acaso... Boa escrita que aqui se tem, sem se falar nas lindissimas fotos que demonstram o teu talento.
Sempre venho visita-lo quando bate uma saudade do meu país. Desejo-te sucessos. Ro (uma mocambicana perdida na Sérvia)
Ola Roby,

Muito obrigada por teres passado por aqui e deixares palavras tao bonitas, nao imaginas o quanto faz me bem houvir isso!

beijinhos do rovuma ao maputo!

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