just a little bit about Milano

The best part about being in Milano was getting to spend time with one of my best friends, Faith, whom I went to Centennial High School with, and I hadn't seen her since she came to visit me in Maputo in 2007. 

Seeing her was fantastic, but spending time with her in Milan was surreal, and I kept saying, " I cant believe you're here!" 

The first thing we did was get to the nearest restaurant and have some pasta.  We met a couple of guys who joined our table after pulling the 'bitch' move. They sent roses to our table.  I call it the bitch move because it takes no creativity or balls of any sort to pull this move.  We didnt have to invite them to our table, but they were sitting really close to us, and smiling and waving when I looked over. Plus its not like we had any other friends, "Oh what the hell!" I said to Faith and called them over.  

! They were totally cool and laughed at our silly immature jokes. 

We walked around the student area, drank a few beers and talked about the differences between here and there. 

That's Louis Vuitton on the back there, and that's me doing the international sign of hmmm hmmnn. You get it right? 

why do you have to be such a tourist, Faith?

We spent a lot of time at the park. Actually, we were at the park the entire time. 
The second we had breakfast, we walked over to this really nice park and just laid on the grass sharing music from our iPods until we ran of things to talk about and fell asleep. 

Seeing her again after 4 years was like meeting her all over again. Not that anything changed. Nothing that drastic, but I feel like time has made us better people, or better friends for each other. 
I feel like we can talk about anything, and everything and still find reasons to laugh. 

We talked about the time we spent together in Tennessee and the time we were spending together in Milan, and future plans for both of us.

I didnt like Milan as much as I thought I would, people are so unfriendly and cold. And I dont understand why it's the "Fashion Capital" of the world. I suppose having a bunch of stores in every street  could be a reason, but then it should be the "We Have So Much Money and We Spend it on Clothes Capital" of the world. I dont know if was the people's unfriendliness or that I felt like I lived in shopping mall that killed for me, but I know i wont be going back there unless...I get paid to do it.  And the second I got back to Oslo, it felt great to have that familiar feeling of being home ;-) 
Doing what she does best

i love that tattoo

this guy was sitting like this the WHOLE time we were thre

friends from Senegal

I'm happy, wherever life takes me.


CK_wood said…
Loved this update.... I have been to Milan and my experience was completely different to yours (also spent some time at Cinque Terre). Great memories... I do agree with your observation of the consumerism... I spent 3 hours in the Armany flagship store (all 4/5/6 levels/floors.. sorry I forget how many) and left with 2 paris of jeans and a shirt.. wasted afternoon, but the food and ice cream were memorable.
Are you planning a visit to northern Europe? London? All the best - Claudio

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