I hate to start this in middle of a thought...

... but I was just sitting here thinking about how Norwegians are so patriotic. I dont want to compare Norway to Mozambique, because they are so different in every aspect, and not to mention the comparison would be completely one sided. But then I got to thinking, Norwegians have all the reasons to be patriotic... they have running water and electricity everyday, first grade public transport, medical assistant, and educational system. The streets are clean, the service is impeccable, and safety is unquestionable.

But then I started asking myself, why isnt Mozambique, more specifically Maputo... why isnt Maputo this pleasant? And then it hit me, this country is great because its made of great people... wait a minute.... dont get me wrong, Mozambique is full of wonderful people, but these wonderful people are the same people who throw trash on the floor, piss on the streets and dont give two shits about thy neighbor. For instance, if I was to be walking behind someone and we went through a door, the person in front of me would hold the door for me, not because they work for me or because we're sleeping together, but because they are 'good samaritan'. Good Samaritan n. A compassionate person who unselfishly helps others. 

When did we Mozambicans become so selfish and careless? Was it always like this? Why cant we change?
For our country to be functional, we also have to be functional people.

Citizens of Norway pay their taxes religiously, there's a jail penalty for people who dont. That's why their system works.
I understand if you may think this is a far stretch, but I'm beginning to think that if we dont start taking care of our country and being more thoughtful towards our fellow country man, the road to a better Mozambique is going to be... well, far stretched. 

I understand that majority of Mozambicans dont have any income, even the ones that do it isnt fit for european standards... but, Rome wasnt built in a day, we have to start somewhere. But that's where the battle in my head starts. There are somewhat trustworthy people in charge of taking care of tax payers money here... and I'm certain its not the same case in Mozambique. And I guess i could see why most people arent so keen on the idea of sharing their hard earned money with dirty corrupt people. I wish and hope that our Mozambican leader will truly be public servant with the vision of making our homeland a decent place to live. 

And so it hits me, if a regular mozambican was able to come here and see how the systems works and then ... humor me for a minute... say he takes what he learns here and goes back to apply in his territory, how awesome would that be? According to Wikipedia, a world citizen may provide value to society by using knowledge acquired across cultural contexts.

Then I remembered how difficult getting a visa is. Why do they make it so hard for people to travel? They put all these obstacles so that it is almost impossible for you to have access to this lifestyle. It's almost as if there's a filtering of who's fit to be in this society and who isnt.

I've gotten to meet a lot of foreigners here, some from Somalia, one from Johannesburg, and Nigeria and so on. They all come here for the same reason, seeking economic opportunity and refuge.

If, this is the age of free enterprise and "citizens of the  world" so to speak, we all believe in the freedom of trade, and commerce, then why not also believe in the freedom of travel? Why do bananas have more rights of movement than me or you?I say open all borders and let the chips fall where they may. I've met plenty of people Here in Norway who would love to emigrate too. Why do we all have to be trapped in the boxes we were born into?
Do we own this land? Is it ours? Where does it finish? Who's going to answer these questions???
There's also a lot of "Europeans" who complain about "africans" or emigrants who move to      their country and have problems integrating or abiding by the rules, like the whole concept of 'trash IN the trash can' is just foreign to them. Like, because bananas are useful for europeans, but africans are not. As if to say, if you're an 'educated' foreigner... like, people who have high school and higher education are useful , but those who barely finished elementary school, barely speak any languages while the europeans speak multiple languages, arent welcome. And if you don't have any useful education what will you do in Europe? Just sit on your  ass and take social security money? These are all valid arguments, but, who's to decided? 
I supposed there's a lot to be said about these issues, but I feel pretty privileged to be able to experience both sides of this. But it just gets me confused and I feel like I'll never get to the bottom of it. ARGH! Life! 
The saga of modern migration since the 1800s continues... and I am right in the middle of it! 


Carla_Nandez said…
I have part answer to the issue Mozambican's have, i feel that we have silent leaders and almost non existent mentors. The secret to life or successful living is a somewhat hindered for only a particular kind of society. Hence sadly it's not about what you know , but who you know (this however applies worldwide i guess). But anyway, if we can start using the Americas and Europe as reference , someday we can use them as comparison. "A luta continua" ...
Hi Carla! thanks for that...I really appreciate you coming around here. Well, its great you bring that up, how social circles can determine what paths you'll choose or be exposed to professionally. Norway has a similar issue, but here... it comes down to what you actually know how to do. Not only do you need to be well connected... but you need to be able to back it up.
I understand that there's more to this issue than able to express or explain or maybe i dont even know it at all... but it just bothers me that certain parts of the world are evolving and my home town seems to be stuck somewhere in the 1800s... all because... who knows.
As to the silent leaders...I say 'fuck'em' yeah... what good is your knowledge when it's held prisoner by your fear? it's no good at all. Might as well not have wasted their time getting a fancy education and not being able to practice... morons!

I'll never get to the bottom of this I'm sure, and the more I talk to people the more confusingly clear it gets...?
thanks again and come again!
CK_wood said…
London???!! Pls :)
its next on my list...i think ill be there next week!

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