the differences between people

a few weeks ago... well, ok... I'm not really sure when it was, it could have been last week or two days ago, I dont know. Ok, let me try this again. A few blurred days ago a friend I had just met told me something over a glass of wine [ a few glasses of wine] he said something that has kept me thinking until right now. He said "The differences between people is the best thing you'll ever learn." between sips of the glass and I sat there thinking... silently.

And here I am a few days later. Every single person I have met since he said that, I've looked at them...well.. differently. You see, there's really not that much that goes into understanding people. The second you can agree on your differences, you can talk about anything. You can get past those small differences like, weight , height, color, religion, you can start to maybe laugh about it. So you actually get a chance to know each other.

Seeing as how I dont know anyone here and as you would guess, every person I meet is different from the next one. Different careers, different opinions and different lifestyles. It's great for me to meet people with an open mind, it becomes easier for me to create new relationships with people and they become extraordinary friends.

Traveling is probably the test of that. The second you're out of your comfort zone, where you know the food and you know the language the street names and all the shortcuts, and you when you get to an unfamiliar place, and all the sudden you dont even know who you are. So you become really closed in, afraid to speak and sound stupid, or I dont're just really uncomfortable and constantly counting your money planning everything you do, and when it comes to meeting people..your brain is too busy doubting every single person, so you're forced to have a very lonely dinner at your hotel.

Its ok to feel like that. I know people get scammed or meet the wrong kind people. I've heard stories of people who've had their wallet stolen or worst things. Its easy for you to throw an umbrella and say "i hate this country" just because you've had a few bad experiences.  There are good and bad people everywhere- it's human nature.

I dont hate Milan. I'm just left with a lot of questions about the people and the whole atmosphere.

So you have to draw the line [she giggles] at some point, and unwind and start making some real connection out there for however long they may last.

Hey you already went and spent all that money on your ticket, why not make it worth your while and really make it something to remember?

[I feel like I'm talking to myself ]

So here I am a few hours away from my flight to Snubba [ a small area in the middle of the wilderness in the North of Norway. The land of the Laplanders! ], On my way to meet brand new people, like, I have no idea what to expect.

Here I am with an open mind.


Anonymous said…
yeah whatever lucia
ei yo... why are you here?

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