Greetings from Norway...

At first I thought i should come up with a better title... then i was all, "ah hell, it will do."

I dont know what else to tell you. Except that life in Oslo is beyond what i had in vision.
The first day here was a bit of a hassle, the unavoidable 'fish-out-of-water' feeling was following me like the stench of piss on a a street bum, (woah, that was a bit of an exageration, but it will do.) I couldnt follow the conversations, or facial expression not even the hand gestures.
But in no time, after i realized that everyone here speaks English (yay!) I couldnt keep my mouth shut.

So, because I've been super busy trying to learn all about my new place, I havent really been able to sit down and write, so i thought i would make a video...

Let me know how things are going on your side...

Nina, and a gift a got for her in Lisbon...Do you know who Patti Smith is? 

the first dinner 


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