Assisting the Assistant

So I guess you're wondering what the hell I'm doing in Norway right? Well, i was going to tell you, but i just never got around to it. 

a while back i was talking to my friend Nina about how much I wanted to learn about photography and all that goes into it, I mean if I'm going to do this as a profession might as well find out now how much I really like it. So, Nina knows someone who knows someone who knows this great photographer, Per Heimly, who instantly agreed for me to come and follow him around and absorb as much as I can. 

The first day of work was like a day in an amusement park, I was excited about everything. 
Per is a really straight forward no nonsense kinda guy. He works fast, he walks fast, he talks fast...yeah well you catch my drift. 
On the first day we met with the stylist, Sofia, and the lead singer of an up and coming Norwegian rock band witch I have forgotten the name of, but either way it doesnt matter, because...well, it just doesnt. 

Sofia the stylist

that guy who's in that band 

 After the meeting with the band and the stylist, Per had an interview for a newspaper that is distributed all over Norway, about his nomination for the Best Documentary award for his TV show "Ari og Per" (witch he won by the way).

Per Heimly

the journalist

Right after the interview we went into the studio for a photo-shoot with two legendary Norwegian musicians. 

And I met the first assistant, Mikael. 

I am the assistant to the assistant. Talumba, Assistant Number 2! 
Mikael is also 21, and you can see his work here , he's really talented and works like a machine. It's really great to be surrounded by such professionals. Whatever comes of this internship, i know i'll come out of it a better person and an even better professional.  

 A few hours later we started the second shoot with Ari, who's a co-host of the television program.
Ari is also married to the princess of Norway, just so you know....

After a long day of work we finally sat down to enjoy a few drinks and watch the sun set at 21h00. 

the only beer I have managed to be able to drink thus far

There's just a really great sense of respect between everybody. No body is less important then the next person. And for once, i honestly feel like age is not a barrier. Just because im younger, it doesnt make my opinion less valid. And it's so refreshing to hang out with adults who arent looking down, or acting like they know everything or as if i cant bring anything new to the table. Ultimately, relationships are about learning, and if you're not learning anything... what's the point? Right? 

Well anyway...I'm gonna go out there and meet some new people and learn some new things.... 


Anonymous said…
"Just because im younger" what the hell are you talking aobut? You're ooolllllllllddddddd. durbo
DURBO TIME.... you cant grow facial does that feel?

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