things I won't mention in casual conversation...

things I won't mention in casual conversation
but will probably be thinking about the whole time we speak:

• the way your girlfriend, at the time, leaned against the wall awkwardly when your friend next to her told me I was beautiful, she said "yeah, you're just a firecracker, aren't you?" like i did something wrong. I probably did something wrong.

• Why is it that you’re so courageous when it comes to spitting insults on-line, but when I ran into you, all of the sudden you have nothing to say?

• the universal facial expressions & hand gestures most people make when their team correctly guesses the name in the 30 Seconds game completely represent how my heart feels when i see you.

• i vividly remember walking home one day in high school (Franklin, Tn) while "harvest moon" by Neil Young on repeat thinking about whether or not it meant something that i sometimes die in my dreams.
• Prank calling New York Pizza. Because prank calls are never out of fashion.
• That time you prank called the Cayman Islands. HAHAHAHAHAHHA still funny as hell.

• This one time I sprained my ankle and the x-ray technician told me i looked like his girlfriend in high school, I felt nostalgic. Weird. For which one of us i don't know. Weird.
• about three or four years ago my school counselor told me to make a timeline, “make a timeline” she said, “because you have no idea what’s happened, so how can you know what's happening now?” And then last night in bed i thought: here where?

• boys with lisps.

• Water on water, rain on a swimming pool, rain on a river.
• The end of summer closing in and i never thought it would come to this, somehow.

• there's a hand on my leg and it's moving.

• The scene in "the little princess" at her birthday party where the teacher said very seriously "you are alone in the world" - an off screen line with a blurry background and a black balloon that suddenly popped after she said it.

• Consistent spiritual nurturing. (?)

• Donnie Darko soundtrack.

• "You are waiting for a train. a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train might take you, but you can't be sure." the rest never mattered.
• someone is going to die.


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