The Recession

I am not one to talk much about the economy because a) I never really give a shit and b) I am a total idiot when it comes to this, sure I may have got a passing grade on Math & Algebra in school but everyone knows all that knowledge has been deteriorated by the ungodly amounts of alcohol that is consumed.

The girls working at the Centenario Bar.

the girls and I at Cafe Camissa.

I am however forced to weigh in my two cents because the recession has finally caught up with me. THE PRICES FOR BEER HAS RISEN TREMENDOUSLY! I went to one of my favorite local pub, Cafe Camissa (Nucleo de Arte), on Sober Sunday with my girlfriends (pictured) only to be shocked that the price of Laurentina Preta had gone up by 30 Meticais!

It didn’t bother me much at first; because I just figured to order a beer and then import it from the SuperMarket aka Museu only to find out that the price had risen there as well.

No wonder the moon has been all weird lately.

Kill Me.


Miguel said…
Alcoholic! heheheh! u didn't even spoke about economy! u spoke about the price of beer! oh GRRRREAT ONE please save this child from the booze! heheh! hug!
Hahahahha... by economy i ment alcohol.
*Teddy Bear Hug*
Danilo de Sousa said…
Hahahaha, shnonuff you're right, and it's appalling! The Gall of thee dudes huh? Bem, let me get "economical". Beer, even if produced and processed locally, is made of mostly imported ingredients (wheat, hops etc) and as u know, commodity prices are rising across the board. Floods in Australia and Fires in Russia are causing other producers to stockpile mostly and whatever is left for the global market becomes more expensive due to scarcity - supply & demand. Globalisation.

Stockpile beer now at the current price, as it won't go down anytime soon and/or make your own (when u do holla)

Well damn... stockpiling??? you mean these dudes is just saving their stuff?
Tha's some good insight there homes...

I'm going to work on my own godamned beer the! To The Lab!

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