The Sunday began as any other. I'm sitting in my room hanging over and trying to remember the events from the night before, watching Life Unexpected (don't judge its fucking awesome) and Johara is in her room (a block away from me)watching something else.
I message her inviting her to partake in drinking and outdoors activities.

This is what happens.
We went to a pool, Matchiki chik, had a couple of drinks and began writing on a journal.

Two girls. Looking slightly deformed, but also slightly saucy. We are rare breeds.

‘Till we get drunk again.



johara boncio said…
you are the you de mais minha lida amiga!
Maria said…
Maria said:
oh meu deus que saudades!
Miguel said…
vÊ lá se convidam próxima vez...! tsc tsc!

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