the darkness

to be clear, I don’t really know why I’m calling this the darkness…but here it goes. i caught the charlie murphy/rick james just now for about the 1845464th time and I about died laughing. if you haven't seen this skit, you really need to. my day is now complete.

in all the time that i've lived in Maputo, i've never really walked just to walk, you know what I mean? yes, it was hot as balls (are balls really that hot?), but it felt really good to walk and talk and just enjoy this city for what it is.
of course me being me and thinking "okay? what now" immediately following the walk and squat on the grass.

I Start up random conversations with people just because...for no reason at all.
Talk to strangers, you never know what you might learn.
….When I walk I’m often drifting off from reality and a completely imaginary little world of mine, where I can read these people minds, like, I put myself in their shoes and try to imagine what’s going through their mind, or what their situation is like. It’s a good exercise.
This way you actually take the time out to look into people faces and maybe ,just maybe, make a real connection with somebody who you never considered.
And it makes walking a whole more entertaining. You’re missing out!
Now for all those who walk everyday to and from their destinations, enjoy your ride!


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Luana Jane said…
Rick James b*tch - Nigga darkness - hahahaha yeah, eu ri demais quando me mostraram esse video :P

Great pictures TK !

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