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Have you been to Centinario latetly?
Well...last weekend I went there to celebrate my friend Nuno's birthday.
Picture this, you are low on Meticash and you need a drink, you want to be in a nice area but not spend too much, but still feel like you're ballin'.The answer is simple, Centenario.
I love the sea breeze and not to mention the quick and super friendly service!
There is a bartender there that will wip-up some Caipirinhas that will have you drinking yourself under the table, literally.

The food is great and so is the ambience, it’s a chill out spot not meant for those that want to get rowdy.

This place is also kid friendly, so bring your little munchkins.

Advice in case you are the kind that likes girls around when drinking, carry your own because at Centenario’s its a definite swordfight! Talk about sausagefest!
Also dont go there before 14h00, there too much sun and it pratically unbarable, unless you're into getting skin cancer and sun-spot.

Here are some pictures from the last time I went to Centenario.

told ya it was kid friendly.

I like her shirt.

Turquoise is cute.

Tequila brings the flava!

Tatiana. I like the bracelet, and she's having one of them freshly squeezed caipirinhas

and she's also the manager.

the disc jockey, Charles and Patrick Oostergetel.

Gorka, rockin' the scarf.


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