too much gravity regulating for my system

Yesterday was a holiday. Heroes day.
Is it possible to still feel like shit 36ish hours after binge drinking?
Kill me.
Nevertheless, I had a GREAT time at Gil Vicent.

Thanks to:
-People who regulate gravity
-yellow plastic cups filled with beer
-tall friends to lean on when you can barely stand up
-cell phones
-Friends who put up with late night non-booty calls
-Johnny on the Spot
-Mimi, Eric, Nicole, Lenna and everyone else I met but who's names I've already forgotten
-and hell, why not... your mom too


Best regards from The Gravity Regulators.
thank you guys for being so fucking AWESOME!
Lenna Baule said…
Loved it!!

much Love, lovie!

And for the gravity regulators, thanks for regulating my gravity!!


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