Trash Can Game

Everyday I walk into my office (yes, I do have a full time job, and by 'office' i mean reception) and my trash can is somewhere new.It's like a game the cleaning people play with me.It's incredible annoying, every time i need the trash can I can’t find it, and i get all pissed and throw a little fit.
I've never played along, just because i dont know how to beat them,I use my trash can like... all the time.
Anyway, this morning I couldn't find it. Five minutes of searching later, I found it in the waiting room. Really you guys...?

You look at these pictures here while I think of something cleverly mind-bogglingly vicious...




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I got nothing.

...did you think of something?

oh wait...I am going to glue all of my trash to the trash can...

BRILLIANT!Commence the fun!!


Miguel said…
Essa tá boa! put point the webcam 2 your trash so u laugh like a mofucka! heheheh!

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