Friday Finds: WorkOut Clothing Store

I had heard about the opening of the clothing store WorkOut at Polana Shopping, ok actually I was invited to the opening of this store, but the opening day was inconveniently set for a weekday like, Tuesday or something, and my first thought was "Tuesday? Are you fucking kidding me?" and so I didn’t go, because I had much bigger and important Tuesday things to do.
But then a week later I went by the store, on Tuesday coincidently, and found all these adorably unique must-haves and instantly regretted not showing up for the opening where all items were on sale. Damn me!

Apparantly I only like shoes...

So anyway, the store on the secong floor at Polana Shopping on 24 de Julho (as if you didnt know), turn right at that store where they sell all those Pau Preto stuff, and go all the way to the end. When you go, tell them I sent you!


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