Escola de Musica

I recently discovered how easy and affordable it is to study at the Escola de Musica [Music School] here in Maputo.

My friend Lenna Baule and I took a walk a few days ago to Escola de Musica to meet up with a very eager young man, Mauro, who's is an aspiring jazz pianist ( a very good one mind you), and a student at the school.

Apparently anyone can enroll at the school for a simple monthly fee of 600 mtn ( about 20 USD), and you can choose between the am schedule (8-12) or the pm (2-4). They start you up with an introduction to music course along with some vocal lesson and they gradually move you according to your skills development.

After watching Lenna and Mauro play around with Tom Jobim classics, John Legend, Norah Jones and-so-ons,I decided to enroll my little sister, she's driving me CRAZY ( and when i say crazy i don’t mean 'crazy' crazy, i mean it metaphorically, as in 'oh gosh i cant stand it anymore' kinda crazy) with her singing.
Mauro dedicates a lot of his free time to the school, he's there practicing the piano as much as he can. "I dont know if I will be a professional piano player, but I know that piano will always be part of my life, no matter what.", he said to me. I find that kind of attitude very admirable in world where people are so overly ambitious that the “idea” of success over powers their talent, so… good for you Mauro!

My sister is always talking about being a singer and performer, but I dont think she actually knows exactly what it takes to be a musician and I hope that this will be an eye opening experience for her. Well if she turns out anywhere near where these two are, my heart will be filled!


Unknown said…
Grandes jovens da nossa excelente pianista e uma versátil vocalista :-)

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