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I have such a strange relationship with this blog, yes relationship. Sometimes (usually when I have written something on it that I am particularly pleased with) I feel proud of it, and resolve to write more things on it I can be pleased with, more often. But most of the time I am irritated by it; it nags away at me and makes me feel guilty every time I think of something interesting that I should maybe write about, but can't be bothered. I neglect it dreadfully, especially of late, and then feel terrible, and envious of all the other who have the dedication to tend their blogs like they're carefully nurturing lovely gardens. My garden (blog) has become sadly overgrown (ignored).

I have been having a ‘think’ about this today, over some cookies and a cup of tea, and I think part of the reason I struggle with staying on top of blogging is that I'm not sure exactly what kind of a blog this is meant to be. I put bits of stories on it sometimes, but it is not really a writing blog. I put photos on it sometimes, but it is not a photo blog. I occasionally comment on news and events and things, but it is definitely not a journalistic blog. Which really only leaves me with one option - it is a 'personal blog', which is like a sort of online diary, and I think maybe I struggle with it because…- because I feel a bit silly writing about the everyday stuff, like people might think I'm an egomaniac, and worse than that, an egomaniac with nothing to say.

I had a chat about this, and about my general 'blog envy', with a friend, and felt a bit better. I was talking about taking photos and putting them on here, photos of such unremarkable things as the inside and outside of my house. I realised ( is that spelled with a z?) that one of the reasons I do stuff like this is that I, as a reader, am fascinated by the minutiae of other people's lives. I am positively enthralled when I stumble across a post where someone describes the little events of their weekend, or puts up photos of things like their new tea cosy or their writing desk. So I suppose I, from time to time, post stuff like this because it's the kind of thing I like to look at myself. And maybe I've always worried that this kind of thing isn't 'worthy' enough, but actually maybe it is, because if I like to look at things like this, surely other people do too. Maybe this kind of blogging doesn't make me an egomaniac, after all. And nobody has to read it, if they don't want to.

Now with that said, here's some pictures of the Moztyle pins I received. If you want one, just say so, and I'll make it happen.



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