the afrotwins are Absolut Maputo

This shoot came up completily out of the blue, I was still looking for a model or just someone to shoot this shirts with, and these two girl Daniela and Filipa, would not leave my mind, mostly because of twitter and facebook, and they've been on their grind so hard, that pretty much everyone wants in on them. So i did what was right, I talked to Filipa and we decided to shoot the shirts.

I always get the biggest creative block when it comes to thinking about a 'place' to do a shoot ( mostly because i litteraly could shoot anywhere and i dont feel like there has to be a set location). And this time it wasnt any different, I was sitting there trying to think of a really cool place to go and shoot the new ABSOLUT MAPUTO design top+tshirt for Moztyle, so i took out my hand-dany BlackBerry and chatted up my friend DSN, who's a total creative GENIUS , and he was all "why dont you go to Mercado Central", and it felt so right when he said that, and i was like "Genius!".

The next morning, i went to pick them up, and I was sorta kinda nervous, because there had been so much anticipation built up, and obviously when you got to meet someone for the first time, it's always like that. But the ice didnt have time to sit long enough to make things unconfortable, the girls are very easy going and chilled it hardle felt like we had just met.

"So, where are you going to change?" I asked, and I already new the answer to this, but i wasnt going to be the one to say it. So they both looked at each other and said "Uh, here, in the car."
And as I parked the car outside the Mercado Central, a flock of guys just surrounded us, some to offer their 'security' services, others to sell their stuff, and most just to see what was going on. It's not every day you get to see a fly ass chick rocking a huge afro, make that TWO fly ass chick rocking a huge afro.

After we get past the first group of guys, the pace for rest of the shoot was pretty much set. We got friendly stares, curious stares, disaproving stares,we heard comments like "That's not your real hair!" to "That hair is from the internet" and something like, "Gimme a lil piece of your hair" from all types of people walking by. Needless to say the AFROTWINS do not go by unnoticed.
So i asked " Do you ever, get tired of being looked at all the time? Does that ever make you unconfortable?"
"Not really." Answered Filipa (she's the slightly blond one)," we're pretty much used to it, and have learnt to live with it. " and I mean, who doesnt love attention?

Through the shoot I found out that they're studying through correspondence with their Swedish school, and at the same time working with a friend of theirs in the Hip-hop group called Magnezia, which has been keeping them pretty busy.

We talk a walk around that Baixa area, and I just shot everything as it happened, and the session was eezy-breezy, since our town in filled with insipiration.
And the interaction between my subject and the public was almost surreal.
Absolut Maputo




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ola talumba , sou o Bruno,
bonito trabalho,
fotos , thoughts, art, modeling
enfim , o que quer que seja ou tensionas projectar para o universo, ele consegue ser criar o seu espaco, tambem faco arte, estudante de arquitectura na india, fotografo como hobby, instrumentista como hobby enfim....
mas houve tenho uma curiosidade, em relacao , as fotos, sou muito curioso as vezes.... que Tipo de SLR tas a usar e que lentes usas....
bom e aproveita da um salto no meu blog e ve as minhas fotos
Ola bruno!

Muito obrigado por essas palavras bonitas. deste-me um grande boost!

Eu por enquanto estou com uma nikon d60, ja a dois e gosto muito dela. a minha objectiva 50mm. simples e boa.

passei pelo teu blog, boa fotos e com feeling! gostei!!

ciao! vista mais vezes!
Anonymous said…
Good starting, i appreciate the initiative by a young Mozambican , i think that there is a lot to explore in Mozambique and Maputo the i suppose you reside , its a great step in order to finish the stereotypes about Africa and Mozambique as whole.Moses Machel
Lenna said…
great!! just great!!
Lindy said…
Hey Talumba. first, i wud like to congratulate you on your blog. It's freaking awesome! Its my first time here and i just couldnt stop looking at your pictures. Gotta say, u have one hell of an eye. AMAZING PICTURES!

this shoot is amazing. wat i most like about it is the simplicity of it. and hey, not 4gettin the shirts....they r amazing... where can i gt them??? :D

keep doing ur thing!

Moses Machel initially this was a way to shara with my friends back in the US the lifestyle that people my "age" have here in Maputo...but then it became more then that...i entend on following this through. Thank you so much for the feed back!

Lenna, You're so sweet!

Lindy... Thank you so much, i'm gonna have this huge smile on face for the rest of the day. I really appreciate you saying that. Maputo is beautiful town full of little intricate details that make it all the more special to me. It's hard not to take beautiful pictures. And also those two girls were amazing during the shoot. For the tshirsts go to, you can place your oder online.

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