mili m bangalala

Monday was a holiday here in Mozambique.
My friend and I packed our bags and took a tent to a beautiful place called Milimbangalala.
Being a way from your daily routine can sure bring a storm of thoughts to one’s head. I found myself on these constant mind trips.
Doubt. Concern. Fear. Questioning.
Clear blue skies and a deserted beach.
Most of our time there was spent together. We were a group of 15 people I think. Majority was Italian, so most of the conversations were in Italian, so I had a lot of time to wonder in my mind, seeing as how I couldn’t understand most of the conversations, until someone looked at me, and they would mutter “tutti” or “va benne.” or “Punti”., sometimes I would get really creative and come up with like a whole sentence of nonsense.
We drove around safari style looking for the elephants that we never saw. We played soccer, all of us, and I managed to bust my toe somehow. I learnt to play the Italian card game called “briscola!”. At night, as you would expect we gathered around and sang songs around the fire.
On the times that I managed to separate myself from the pack, these thoughts would creep back and remind me of what exactly I was there to do.
Since I was a young child, I have heard the world tell me that the sky was the limit and if I reach high enough, I'd land amongst the stars of success & legacy. So conveniently, I bumped my foot along the way and asked for an explanation from people that crossed my path. "These are roadblocks. They are only here to build strength and character." They would say to me. I began to dodge and jump until I grew weary only 21 years from the starting line.
I lifted my head to see the remainder of my journey and lost site of the path ahead. Damn these roadblocks! You’re a distraction from where I’m headed, can’t you see that? With my desired legacy faded out of sight, I wondered, how is it that my mentors on this side of the path know the journey ahead if they are still here beside me?I’m not afraid of anything, I’ve said this before, but failure is constant ticking clock that never leaves my thoughts. I’m just afraid of failing. Pressure.
I’m confused.


Nao tinha conhecimento da existecia deste site , mas gostei imenso ! :) very creative
Mwaa said…
I wonder if there is a person on this planet that can really tell us that they have gone through all roadblocks of life and finally have attained what they were looking for, I believe that it is always a process and we learn with every step...the good thing is that you know what u want and where you want to go and what you want to achieve!!!!

LUV the PIC,

Mwaa, i've often wondered same things. when do we actually become satisfied with our goals/achievements?
i'm always setting the bar higher and higher, and the pressure just gets worse, and it gets tiring, it's as if you're in the constant competition with yourself. a girl just needs to take a deep breath every once in a while.
thank you so much for visiting, and sharing your thoughts here.

@luana, e o teu tambem, adorei o cover song.


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