Forward ever, backward never (to profit from what I love...)

Tick tock, tick tock...Cant work. Why not blog right?
So...this is the deal. Im going into laborer mode. Barely shall I resurface. Its work work, till I can get myself back on my feet. This year has been filled with ups and downs and downs. Writing and my photography is what always makes sense and gives me peace.
Now to profit from what I love...this is the goal for the coming year. By year, I mean age 22-forever. I am being thrust into my 20's on the cusp of a chaotic period. Crisis. My soul isnt settled. But age cometh. All i can do is use this upcoming year to get my priorities in order. Right? Right.

Forward ever, backward never. Some things/people are meant to stay in the past. Unearthing things you buried, can only confuse your steps towards progression.
Well, that's what I've been told, anyway.

So last week, on the 9th to be exact, I bought myself a ticket to Niassa to visit my family. It was sucha-marvelous trip. I'll tell you more about it later.
Im feeling a lil better. Not yet 50% better but getting there. Writing more. need to get in the writting lab though and get it in. My voice is not resounding as it should. Need to read more, focus on what im trying to say and get my vocab levels up. hmm...maybe I need to hit up some workshops, but where?

Not really much on this blog. I just felt the need to write my aspirations out. I could go into further detail but shooooo....that aint none of your business! Im just sayin...


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