- Get By With a Little Help

I love my friends so much. They teach me so much through their love, and without even trying.

I am surrounded by such colorful and wonderful individuals who keep reminding me that I’m not lame. I love to hear advice from friends who know me so well. They know my virtues and weaknesses and they really help to guide me in the right direction, which has no set destination. They really help me to just do what I do best.... which is just make things, all the time, in every medium.... and that I shouldn't worry about where I'm going with all of this, but to just keep doing it.
I remember conversation I had with Paloma a while ago. I was telling her I like what I do, photographing, and web documenting... but how am I going to make a living out of it? She said, 'Well T, you already are. This is your living. You are living it. This is your life.'

I forgot that taken another way, 'making a living' doesn't directly refer to paying my rent. She reminded me that jobs are just jobs, they come and go. It's your life that's important. She's been reminding throughout this year, and I love her for that.

Your company is more than who you pass empty time with, if you pick properly, their lifestyles will encourage you to straighten yours out as desired. It goes a long way, don't waste time around people.

Did I mention I love my friends?

I find myself a lot of times preaching to people about going after their dreams and fulfilling all of their life's desires. What I’m beginning to notice is that we tend to focus on the ‘rags to riches’ part of success, not the decisions it takes to actually walk through the door of success. You have to be aware of the door, and take the steps to walk through the door. As I have said before, we can get taken up in the crap of those who surround us. Help yourself in moving towards your goals by surrounding yourself with people with the positive motivation that you want.



Miguel said…
Everything is true Talumba but infelizmente nem toda a gente tem essa oportunidade de procurar e descobrir o q pode fazer da sua vida ou pq foi forçado a trabalhar ou pq simplesmente teve de começar a trabalhar, pq infelizmente sem dinheiro não fazs muita coisa não!!! aliás não fazs nada! Muito bem escrito sim mas é utópico pensar assim! bjinhos!!!! My advice Write a Photographic book!!! i would buy it! bjinhos!!
My struggle now is turn my writing universal, and not have be relatable to a certain group of people or better yet...'class'. but you're right unfortunatily there are a lot of people who have disadvantages.

a book... you see, i'm really afraid to switch into the business side right now, because what hear is that it's a very very dark side, and I'm not ready for that...yet.

but i really appreciate your time my friend. and see you at your show, (on satuday the30th @ 10:30pm,at Rua D'arte ;-)!
elle said…
Funny thing is...
Ainda hoje estive a falar sobre isso com uma amiga, que me dizia que está desmotivada com o curso que está a fazer (apesar de ter high grades and all) mas que ao mesmo tempo não sabia se tinha a coragem pra mudar e fazer algo que fosse mais "a cara dela" porque precisava de uma profissão que a sustentasse. so, my point was, yes, u gotta pay the bills, and yes u need money to go on living. but, is that all? in the end of the day, how do u lay down and sleep in peace knowing that you're the one hurting yourself the most?
Concordo (e respeito), há quem não tenha essa opção, mas acho que é covardia de quem a tem, acomodar-se e conformar-se com um rascunho de vida.
Another funny thing, is that i wrote about that yesterday.
Até que ponto compensa ou vale a pena viver ou trabalhar em algo que preenche a conta mas não o espírito?

Well, maybe i'm a dreamer, but i believe that if your work isn't in harmony with your soul, it is just wrong.
I believe it, period.

beijinho TK
elle said…
p.s. loooove the pictures!
savvy brown said…
Beautiful thoughts.
Beautiful friends.
Beautiful post.
Beautiful YOU.
Pacas said…
pa falar verdade essas pics nao parecem de moz meus friend nao acreditam e gostaria imenso se foxe fotografado por ti real talk hugz.by Pacas

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