Moztyle - Modern Clothing For The Modern Patriot

Is there a better way to spend the weekend than checking out sweet shirts for sweet prices on an uber-sweet site? I can’t think of one. So here are a few finds from our good friends at!
I met a friend, Baltas, through Twitter, actually I’m not sure if it was twitter of Facebook (damn, I feel like such a tool every time I write that). Baltas and another guy make these really nice t-shirts and have it conveniently available for ordering online. I just really liked the idea, and decided to join the group, and amazingly they took me in.

These are the designs they have available for ordering on the website, for male and females of all shapes and sizes.

I thought it was a good idea to take some pictures of the ladies Tshirts so you could get a good idea of what they look like. I invited my friend Lara Fraga to pose (thank you Lara, you were amazing, and you look magnificent!).

I would wear this stuff out to a club or concert, or as everyday wear. I would call it modern clothing for the modern patriot.
While Moztyle is limited to only a few designs they are all very clean and to the point, something I can appreciate in a shirt. Take for instance the barcode shirt: short, simple, to the point, yet extremely effective. This is something that I would throw on to go

Stock is limited, so hurry up and get yours before they run out.

And we also have these cute pins, you'll just love them!
If you buy a shirt now, you'll get one free. Hurry while they last!


For Men
I Love MZ - Medium and Small
Barcode Made in Moz- Medium and Small
Maningue Nice - Large Medium and Small
All Star since 1975 - Small and Medium


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