Getting it Done in my Pijamas

Hello People of Love! How's your week going? I myself have been occupied with work and have been hella busy. It’s not easy managing a ful time job, an aspiring photographer/journalist career, Moztyle Tshirt sales, and my commitment to Dziwitza Agency. But, I’m not complaining, despite the hectic schedule, life is finally coming around. A lot has been happening to me in terms of job offers. I was given two opportunities, one to work as a sales staff for Moztyle. And two, for now its all talk, but I was given a chance to be a contributor and as photographer for a tv show on the national network, TVM,. At this point in time with a year way ahead of me and before I head off to explore the infinite abyss , I plan to grab anything and everything that comes my way. I mean having work experience like this is unbeatable, not to mention how good it will look on my resume. I don’t know but after all that occurred during this year, got covered up temporarily with a layer of all things great. I still can't believe how my life turned inside-out within a short time. I am not quite sure if I believe in those 'signs' or 'miracles' or any of those bullshit clichés, but right now, I actually do. With all these exciting things happening to me, it’s as if something or someone is telling me to move on and to love myself again. I'm telling you, its working. Everything is coming back together, little by little; I just need time and patience.
For now, I leave you with some pictures I took on my Mac Book at the pajama party I went to last weekend.


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