DRP Featuring Gran'MAH - The Performance

DRP Featuring Gran'Mah Live at Lunge
The show was opened by DJ Fresh Nunas who put together an excess of classic tracks with skillful scratching and quick but flawless transitions. He went through a few stylistic shifts, doing a Funk section and then some Hip-Pop, not your typical Maputo Friday night set (thankfully), but the later extended encore was the highlight, packed with never before heard tracks, at least not here in Maputo anyway.

It was a diverse crowd, not just hip-hop aficionados (if judging people’s tastes and scenes by their clothes is anything to go by), but everyone seemed to find something there to dig. Although I personally would have picked a different venue, I don’t think Lounge is an adequate place for a live concert, I’m just saying.
DRP started their set fashionably late (seriously NOT COOL, when you set a time for an event, try to start at that time. It’s not that hard to be punctual). The night came, and the crowd seemed to triple for the Maputo based performers set. Drummer Miguel Wilson kicked off the set with one of Gran’Mah’s original “Satellite” while the crowd anxiously awaited Gusto and Jonaze to take the stage (still no explanation on the absence of the other DRP members who could have where scattered amongst the crowd). Running onstage Gustou shouted out to the crowd, “What’s up Party People?!” and kicked right into their song, “Hip-Pop”.

The highlight of the night was the special guest Muzila, whom I’ve mentioned a couple of times here, he performed the song “Vida” where he mixed a chorus off of one of his songs. I appreciated the mix of instrumentation and vocals - guitars, sax, drums and so on. which should help it appeal to a wider audience.

With another Gran’mah original “Feelin Irie” Gusto prepared the crowd before the song started with a run through of “When I say DR, you say Gran’Mah! DR-?” witch was responded by the entire crowd “GRAN’MAH!”. The song's fast paced, and heavy hitting sound came to life during the live performance when drummer Miguel stood up, pounding on his drum to end the song on a high note.

Powerful vocals, and range in his voice makes Jonaze Americano, captivating to watch. Jumping around on stage, Jonaze and Gusto made sure to step onto the speaker to sing directly to audience members. It’s always the sign of a great band when they can transform the environment ( Lounge? Seriously?) and take you to another place. Apparently, I was not the only one under the spell, as fists were pumping and the crowd sang along (and screamed in some cases).
Gran’Mah has a great sound with infatuating hooks, and mixed with powerful stage presence makes a band that will have longevity. The night may have been short, but DRP and Gran’mah’s live performance was full of positive filled attitudes and energy from the band members.
Hats off also to the production team who put together a great sounding set. Nothing felt out of place, with all the instruments and vocals finding their place within 'the mix'.
Both of the groups are greatly loved and supported by friends, and believe you me, anything that is powered by love is meant to go far.

So if you missed the show, you should really be kicking yourself. Really, when’s the next time you’ll be able to see a Hip-pop Reggae show orchestrated by such a talented turntablist at Lounge?


Miguel said…
A MasterPiece! U becoming a very professional PR!!
Joana Basto said…
adorei... as fotos estao todas muito nices e o k escreveste entao fantastico!!! continua o good work my friend belo blog!!! bjo

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