best friday ever!!!

Initially i was going to make an attempt to write something pseudo intellectual (as i always do) instead ill just write what this honestly. We always drive around hung over on Saturday afternoons listening to sweet ass glorious music trying to find a place to park and rot, and it’s always a hassle to find a CD that fits our mood. As you can imagine my car is like a mess of CDs stacked everywhere. I came up with this magnificent idea, I put together my entire favorite Friday music and I came up with (… drum roll please) best friday ever!!! Mix cd.
And this is the cover for it.


Edgar Munguambe said…
I give u props for the backcover, it rocks. I like the effect of the speakers over the x-rated stuff :) The inclusion of Hov, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars is a must! Well done, how long did u take on it?
Thank you!!!! I took the shot alone when i used to spend time on my "studio" ( an old rundown space at the roof-top of a building), and this beautiful boom box was just sitting there begging to be used. taking the shirt off wasn't even a question, it just seemed right. a lot of the songs on here are instrumental, sometimes i dont want to hear anyone talking over the beat. i just want my thoughts floating around with nice background music.
you wanna copy of the CD?

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