I worked really hard on this list. it's my 21st Lessons Learned List!

A year older. Still nothing to say about it really. Same shit, different people.
Some things I've learned. Or made up, rather...

1. -Expectation=bad, Hope=good.
2. -Be the match to someone gasoline leak at least once.
3. -Don't gossip. Someone is always lurking in the darkness with a loose lip and eyes of green (with envy).
4. -Maputo is not getting cheaper.
5. -It's not you, it's them. Always.
6. -Leaving something too long does not always end in disaster, but it definitely increases the chances by at least 60%.
7. -Admitting you're wrong can feel just as good as knowing you're right.
8. -The devil in your life is a person, too.
9. -Procrastination leads to insanity.
10. -Drugs lead to insanity.
11. -Love leads to insanity.
12. -Imagination leads to insanity.
13. -Following your heart urges insanity.
14. -Darkness in your heart will lead you into a tunnel of insanity.
15. -Too much sunshine and happiness makes everything else look like darkness and insanity.
16. -Small animals warm your heart, decrease the size of your ego and can be a great touch to the decor of ones apartment.
17. -Try not to become that 21 year old bitch you fcking hated when you were 19. Remember her? I do.
18. -Smoke more/less pot.
19. -Stop complaining about nothing.
20. -Love the one you're with.
21. -Eat the cake that's in front of you. Always.

I should write more lists.


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