We've been a little too baller for our means lately...

I'm still exhausted from last weekend. We've been a little too baller for our means lately, my girl and I.

We handn't seen each other since like, a while ago. so we decided we should have lunch to catch up. We went to this really nice restaurant down town, Zambi, and it all started well, until we started drinking. The thing is, they have this really nice Sangria "espumante". It has a bunch of fruit in it, it just looks dealicious, and it tastes like rainbows in my mouth.
And it was all downhill from there.

On our way out of Zambi, I snapped these pictures of her.

Looking at each other asking, "Are we nuts?"

Question answered is" YES"

Lessons learned:

I'm the night time soap opera character I always yearned to be as a child.

Sometimes I don't listen to others and it gets me into trouble.

Also, something important I learned last weekend, "It's not a walk of shame if you've slept"

Well said :)


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