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One of the most amazing things about having a Facebook account is the easy access you get to the people. Not only do you get to pry into their lives, see where they hang out, the people they hang out with, the music they like, the clothes they wear, the places they go, parties concerts… you get the point.

When I’m not here, lurking on other peoples blogs, I get busy snooping through your facebook pages. And guess what I found? I found one of the hottest acts in the Mozambican hip-hop scene. He’s been traveling around Mozambique doing shows with other hip-hop groups. He has ventured off from the group 9mm, to try a solo career.
Allow me to introduce you to Walter Jofane, better known as Teknik. He’s currently signed to Último Nível, Magnezia records, the young musician has a lot ambition and plans for what’s left of 2010 and beyond.

Talumba Katawala: What would you say was your first introduction to Hip-hop in Mozambique?
Teknik: Hmmn… that’s a long way back. I think … It was a show I saw at Centro Cultural Franco mocambicano with GPRO, and at the time it was Duas Caras and 100 Paus.

TK: this a bit off track, but I notice that you use a lot of English in your music, why is that? And where did you learn to speak it?
Teknik: Haha. That’s true. But it’s a growing habit here in Moz. Even with my friends, we could be in the middle of a conversation in Portuguese and all of the sudden someone with switch to English and we won’t even notice it.

But my lyrics, I actually use more Portuguese than I do English. But there are certain verses, that I’ll drop a line or two in English because it sounds better. Like…

Hey mami, chega perto do teu nigga Tek
Tu és um vício mais pesado do que um cigarrete
O Money fica ket
Eu mal como, mal durmo. É por isso que um gajo te liga às sete
Eu já falei com homie Khronik Xcape
Tu me pões dum jeito girl, I won't even say it
És minha musa, fonte de inspiração
Eu já nem controlo os actos, és fonte pra piração
És uma certified Miss Mozambique
Please oiça-me. Este track eu fiz só pra ti (Girl)
Eu fiz só pra ti girl. eu fiz só pra ti

[from the song “Sidekick" ]

It has nothing to do with preferences at all.

TK: here's a million dollar question. Who do you look up to here in Mozambique? Who do you admire? Who inspires you?!

Teknik: Hmmn, whoa, that’s a tough one. Here in Moz…? I really admire Moreira Chonguiça [Saxophonist]…

TK: Oh I love him! He’s awesome!

Teknik: Yeah! I admire him as a person and what he has been doing professionally and artistically. I find him to be a very relatable person. He has a very easy going attitude, which is hard to find among successful musicians. He’s approachable, I feel like I can go up to him anywhere and say hello, do you know what I mean?

TK: Absolutely! And he’s one of those artist that’s always giving back to the community.

Teknik: Right. Who do I look up to?...my cousin, Paulo Chibanga [Drummer for 340ml and Tummi and the Volume].

TK: Oh I love him!
No seriously, like I had the biggest crush on him! I might still have one. He’s just too cool.

Teknik: He’s an amazing role model. Every time he comes to Maputo, he always wants to know what I’m doing with my music, and what my plans are. And he’s always willing to help, and give some constructive criticism.

TK: Do you find the Hip-Hop scene in Maputo competitive?

Teknik: Definitely. Everyone is doing it now. Not necessarily well. But everyone is throwing their stuff out there, and calling it hip-hop.

TK: Well, the standards are very low. And there’s no censorship.

Teknik: Exactly. And it’s also competitive in the negative sense. Some hate for no reason at all. It’s either because they’re intimidated or insecure. Witch causes a lot of what we call “beef”.

TK: so what can you do to change that Teknik? How can you make sure you’re setting, not only yourself, but the people you work with apart from that?

Teknik: Well, hip-hop in Moz needs to grow. Actually hip-hop artist in Mozambique need to grow. Be exposed to other types of cultures, music, art, everything. The artist here are very close minded.
Me and my crew we work together. And for each other. We help each other out, you know what I mean. Always trying to out do ourselves. Making sure that whatever we put out there, is up to standards.

TK: I know your mixtape is available for download now. But what about the album?
What can we expect the album to sound like?

Teknik: Yes. I’m getting ready for that. I don’t have a date yet. But it’s a bit of Hip-Hop and RnB, I would say mostly RNB but I wont say it’s an RNB album because I know I’ll get a lot of ish for that. I’ve got a bit of rock on there too. It sounds a lot like Andre 3000, if you’ve heard his stuff.

TK: Collaborations?
Teknik: Oh yeah, a lot of that, I’ve got my man Ell P, Outro Mundo Produções on there, OrigiMoz, 7Kruzes. F-Kay, K9, New9 and last but not least Ultimo Nivel. And I’m sure the list will get longer with time. I’ve been working on this album for 2 years. So anything could happen now.

TK: So, on to more serious stuff Tek, where do you hang out during the weekends? Where can I run into you?

Teknik: [Laughs] Ummhn… I’m a home buddy really. I like hanging out at my place or other people’s. Every once in a while you’ll find me, like, at Mundo’s [laughs].

TK: Boo… boring.

Teknik: [laughs] No, really, like, it’s very rare that you see me out somewhere. I mean I do go out, but I don’t really have, like, a regular place.

TK: where so you shop? How do you manage to get all dolled up for the ladies? I know you hip-pop guys are very much into the fashion scene now…

Teknik: Uh…that’s tough. I like the store downtown called Concept Jeans, I’m a regular there. It’s a bit of here and there and anywhere actually.

TK: Tek, thank you, you’re such a sport and I wish you lot’s of success with your music career. And “holla” at me when you have your shows. Good luck!

This here is his blog.
You can download his mixtape here.


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