today she woke up around 5:30a.m. went back to sleep. woke up around ten30a.m.
stayed in bed with him 1hour watching a bad movie.
talked to ana on the telephone. made plans to meet ana; but didn’t
he left for work.
She started writing.
she found the activity enjoyable. fun even. so she kept on writin’ for the next six hours
she decided she needed to see her mother. It had been while since the last time.
they argued about family affairs; “issues” rather
She didn’t enjoy that
she went home to go back to her writing. twenty minutes later he came home.
they left the apartment and went to Centro Cultural Franco Mocambicano
they watched a 340ml live performance
(from 9:30 to eleven)
she proceeded to eat t2wo cookies during the performance.
and the night got blurry from then on.
But she remembers having seen a photo exhibition and thought it was great.
“the concept inspired her.” she stored that information in the brain and moved on to plan B.

more blur
pineapple juice was purchased
passed a joint around a check check checker board table,comma, while ‘That Guy’ rolled up a second.
she said no to drugs cause’ only cool people did drugs;
besides, she was already good to go
a guy talked about his hair . bobby pins, up in a pony tail. uses his sister’s scrunchies to tie his hair in buns.
she couldn’t remember anything else they talked about.

time went by she thought
she got home, he was thrilled to see her walk through that door.
she got ready for bed
then sat with the laptop so she could write all about my day.


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