I have no heart, but I DO have a stomach!!

The following is a chat conversation between me and an old friend that took place sometime is 2006. I found it on my old yahoo account.
Don’t judge me.

rage syndrome says: (4:36:44 PM)
I just ate 21 big macs
rage syndrome says: (4:36:44 PM)
they were delicious

72% Talumba Katawala says: (4:37:00 PM)
no you di-in.

72% Talumba Katawala says: (4:37:21 PM)
I had one and it wasn't as good as they used to be. 4 weeks ago.

rage syndrome says: (4:37:39 PM)

72% Talumba Katawala says(4:39:08 PM)
truth. Also I forgot to ask for it without lettuce so I had to pick it all off and then I lost 1/2 of the Big Mac Sauce, so I put kethcup on it instead. Big mistake. Didn't hit the spot. I was actually disappointed, but the fries were really good and I even got a refill on the sada.

72% Talumba Katawala says (4:39:26 PM)
so I'm kinda turned off from Big Macs now, cause of the fucking lettuce.

72% Talumba Katawala says(4:39:34 PM)
Warm lettuce is the WORST

rage syndrome says: (4:39:46 PM)
yeah that is pretty brutal

rage syndrome says: (4:40:04 PM)
by the way I am talking to someone about an iraqi family who just got interviewed

rage syndrome says: (4:40:11 PM)
on their escape from iraq

72% Talumba Katawala says: (4:40:45 PM)
honestly though, why the fuck would you put a piece of lettuce on a warm sandwich or burger? it's going to get all soggy and gross and your body doensn't even break it down, it comes out looking like it did going in THATS WEIRD.

72% Talumba Katawala says:(4:41:01 PM)
oh, that's a little more interesting than my warm lettuce rant.

rage syndrome says: (4:41:28 PM)
it's just funny. they almost died, and you're on a rant about warm lettuce

72% Talumba Katawala says:(4:41:47 PM)
it's all part of the package, Alex.

rage syndrome says: (4:41:55 PM)
haha yeah

72% Talumba Katawala says:(4:42:03 PM)
so, they didn't die?


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