I'm wrong and I'm in denial and I'm crazy and I'm truthful.

I'm mad because my uncertainty is out of control and overwhelming whatever logical paths I've chosen.

I'm wrong and I'm in denial and I'm crazy and I'm truthful. I have no concept of time, money, or humanity. I'm selfish, greedy and what's the point of it all if you're not perfect? To live your life constantly trying to be flawless so others can believe in you, look up to you and admire you?

We have trouble looking inwards to find our true selves, we've begun to mold ourselves into our "inspirations"- whether it be art, fashion or whatever, we also forget that our parents, primary institutions have SO MUCH to do with our insecurities and complete lack of knowledge in regards to our own personalities, we tend to blame the media for the rape being committed to our souls and our hearts. Constantly looking to others for advice, books, television, when the answer is always in your heart.

We are the most contaminated, easily influenced and corrupt species that has ever existed. When did greed and wealth start taking over our lives? When did we decide that it's better to fend for oneself instead of helping fellow man?
I don't know the answers to that as I am guilty of all of the above. I'm not proud to be a young woman who doesn't always recycle, in ridiculous amounts of debt who spends copious (big word!) amounts of money that doesn't exists, on STUPID things that make her feel empty at the end of the day.
This blog is pointless, too.


CK_wood said…
TK! Human flaws that we all share - at least you have seen and acknowledged yours. Honest, profound and inspirational - keep up the good work
Luana Jane said…
'the answer is always in your heart'/ Keep being truthful, that turns your work unique!
honest words!
SoArtistik said…
Love this. Keep up the good work

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