Friday Find(s)!!!

I have a lot of pointless talents and weird habits. I'm that person who is a source of useless information and facts. I constantly get asked why I know things, and what is the point of knowing such things, etc.
One of my (not so) odd (anymore) habits involves Google. I Google everything, and have been for some time. I never thought there was anything out of the ordinary about this habit until a friend stated to me one day, that before I had prompted her, she never used Google. I guess at some point I got irritated by her asking me for info all the time and started referring her to Google. Even before Google, as a kid I spent countless hours researching random things on Encarta just for the fun of it.

finding interesting info on the youtube (which I’m sure most of you do too).
So because I'm one of the world's worst bloggers (my posts tend to be sporadic, and few and far between...although lately I've been more inspired I'll admit) I think I'll start posting my weekly youtube finds...I'll call it my Friday Finds!
So my first Friday finds center around environmental issues that affect everyday, middle class, minority world (aka 1st world, Developed nations, the North...people with a fair amount of privilege) citizens. Why did I choose to focus on environmental issues??? Because I fancy myself a bit of a tree hugger, and feel that everyone should watch these videos at least once (if not many times) because they challenge what most of us take for enjoy!


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