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I promised myself I’ll make sure that I’ll have my most favorite movies in 09. It’s kind of disappointing that I don’t think I have the complete list because I started to forget them. And now instead of "favorite", here's a list of:

Movies that I sort of Remember from 2009

1. Curious Case of Benjamin Button – this was the first movie I watched in 2009. I like the theme- it was about a man who was born an old man but grew up getting younger. Does it make any sense? Anyway, the original short story is quite different- I suggest you just watch the movie.

2. Bride Wars – this is about the two best friend brides that wanted to be married in a famous place in New York City. They fought hard against each other but eventually reunited to support one another.

3. Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans – Is about the war between the clan of Vampire and the werewolfs. The movie showed how the vampires have been oppressive to the Lycans. Love started to take place between the two clans but was cut short by family betrayal and distrust.

4. Inkheart – this is about a war between kingdoms (I don’t exactly remember) but there were black sorcerer and a dragon fighting each other.
5. Friday the 13th – this is a little boring as we all know what is going to happen in this movie. The story started in an old mine.

6. Street Fighter" Legend of Chun-Li – this is about how Chun-Li became determined to learn the art of fighting. His father went missing and eventually killed, Vega trying to kill her and eventually getting killed. Not a typical street fighter story because there wasn’t really a full blast fight- a little disappointing.

7. Watchmen a movie that is full of physics. I really like Dr. Manhattan’s power and the determination of some of the characters. There are a lot of conflicting philosophies in the movie. Certainly a good one.

8. Monsters Vs. Aliens – this is for kids though the not-so-young-people can certainly appreciate it too. This is about monsters fighting against aliens who tried to invade Earth.

9. Knowing – put me in a lot of imagination. This movie is about how Earth will be destroyed and how extraterrestrial beings will help save “some” of us- well “some” is a very generous term. Only few people were saved.

10. Fast and Furious – same movie format- it’s about car race but now the main character is doing it for a return- to set him free because he was framed up and is now in prison. Wow.

11. Angels and Demons – I am not really a fan of the author but he is good in using historical facts and twisting it in favor of his fantasy.

12. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – this is very interesting because I now understand how Logan became the so called “Wolverine.”

13. Terminator Salvation – good fight scenes

14. Star Trek – good effects and the characters are very real. The Russian boy was phenomenal in targeting people for teleportation- it drains the hell out of me. Go go go.

15. Up – though at first I had the impression that it’s going to be boring- I was wrong because the old guy was very active in the movie- the idea of being alone and his solitary life has been very touching. The boy added fun in the movie. The adventure was very inspiring---- the times when we thought we should surrender are the times we have to stand up. Those moments are grand opportunities that we need to appreciate because we are given the chance to own and surpass them. It’s never too late to enjoy youthfulness even in the old age. (What?)

16. Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs – Good movie but I get tired of dinosaurs.

17. The Proposal – was about an employee and boss relationship. The employee was humble enough to work in a publishing company where he met his Canadian female boss who was at the verge of being deported for lack of permit to work in an American company. Problem solved- she always figures it out- she will have to marry her or else they will be both jobless. They agreed to enter a marriage of convenience. However, when they thought it’s a run away solution- things started to crumble as they are being investigated by the Immigration. Worst- they have to go to Alaska where they have to show the world that they are truly getting married.

18. 2012 – Pole shifting? Neutrinos having a physical effect on Earth- come on? But come to think of it- it may be possible- who knows. Anything is possible now. Cape of Good Hope- I am always hoping for a better Earth- go green living.

19. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen – in this movie robots are characterized like a man. They think like us and they too have tendencies to make revenge. I read a book before stating that the pyramids in Egypt are instruments made by aliens long time ago- for what use they can be?- we can only guess. In the movie- they showed that it can be used to harness energy from the Sun- which will destroy it and eventually life on Earth.

20. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – It is still a good movie but it pains to see the old Wizard dying- he was killed by the half blood prince. In the next book – it will be revealed that Snape is loyal to Dumbledore. He is sick/cursed and thus was only given a favor.

21. G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra – hope there’s a part two. I fell asleep.

22. Avatar – enough said.

23. The Surrogates – this is possible only if technology now advances. This movie is about how men use robots in doing their face to face activities.

24. New Moon – It’s about vampires! That’s it.

There go you. Now you know all the movies I watched last year. My 2009 top three movie favorites are:

Top 3: New Moon
Well, it is not really that good [ I'm a girl, I cant help it]- but I can say that it is very interesting. I watched it last November 28th 10 PM, i know this because I texted someone saying so.

Top 2: Up
This movie was very touching; one can only realize the pain of being alone in old age. The characters were very real. I like every time the old man looks at the picture of his old lady. She’s gone already but she remains alive in him and is always his inspiration to live his life to the fullest. His dreams were fulfilled and so was hers.

Top 1:Watchmen
With the vast space in the universe- everything is a possibility. Psychics according to some scholars is the queen of all sciences- well some says it’s Mathematics- but whether it is Physics or Mathematics- the universe is very welcoming to them. This movie has shown how all that is hidden can cause pluralities and singularities. It also gives us an idea that God- whoever he may be- or wherever he may be – may never be what we thought he/she/it is. The universe is open to possibilities. It is vast- it is also liberal and not conservative at all. All we need to do is to hold on our belief and philosophies. It may never be right or wrong- only whether you stand up for them or not. The universe is expanding- it’s too big. With the vast space in the universe- everything are a possibility. We’re so small to be wrong and so tiny to be right.

and there you have it...Movies that I sort of Remember from 2009.


Ickx said…
Yo dudette like you totally forgot about two awesomezilerating movies....Law Abiding Citzen and...yes I still have your DVD....THE HANGOVER...Tcharannn!!

Hey keep bloggin, i'm like sooo bored hehehe
Oh yeah. you're totally right Kwizzy...
I shall add those two!

I'm gonna try to keep this thing going, but boy, it aint easy I tell you.

Thank you, come again!

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