Welcome to Lagos

"Welcome to Lagos is a documentary that looks at the inhabitants of megacity Lagos. Lagos is overwhelmingly populous and has outgrown its facilities and resources. This has created problems and a growing population without much room for growth nor space now live in the slums. We get to meet dumpster diving Eric, whose also a musician with the alias Vocal Slender. We meet Joseph a buyer of recycled material from the dump, to meeting a father and his family living in a slum on the waters of the Lagos lagoon called Makoko. This isn’t a misery film, even though most of the people featured live in the slums. Though criticised for selectively picking a view of Nigeria from the slums, I believe the honesty, resilience, innovativeness and adaptability of these individuals is indeed inspiring. When we learn of Eric and heroic attempts to record a music single that will make him famous, yet ends up injuring a fellow dampster diver in a fight and ruining his future, I find myself routing for him to learn his lesson, get help and keep his dream alive. There is so much to like and be inspired from by this documentary"

Credits :

Filmed and Directed by Gavin Searle
article from African Digital Art


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