maybe I’m just both

Sometimes I feel like there's no way life could get any better. And other times i feel like the only way I'll be happy again is if i were to run off to some far away country. Sometimes i feel like I'm living life to the fullest, other times i feel like I’m wasting every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year. Sometimes i feel like my dreams have come true, other times i feel like I’m living in a nightmare. Sometimes hell seems so remote, other times it feels far too close. Sometimes i feel like i just need to stay where i am, other times i feel like i need to hit the road.

Today i realize that maybe I’m just both.

This weekend my house mate, Paloma, and I decided to do some pictures. We thought it would be a great idea to mix both of our closets to come up with the outfits, and see what would come of it.

As you can imagine we’re so different from one another it’s a wonder we’ve manage to stay in the same house without killing each other…although I have considered it a few times.
Like for instance… She’ll stay in her room almost an entire day reading or sleeping or doing whatever girls do, and me, if I don’t speak to someone in more than hour, I go crazy, I might even go down my building and have a chat with the guard.
She likes to watch TV programs like the Apprentice and the Bachelor or some story about dogs being saved… when I have the remote it’s either Cartoon Network or Disney.
When we go out, she takes 45 minutes to get dressed. I take 45 minutes to look for my keys, then cell phone and so on…
Oh yeah, she buys really fancy cheese… and well, I eat it, and then pretend it wasn’t me.
She’s always complaining about me not turning off all the lights… well I think the house looks nice all lit up like that.
“Talumba, why don’t you flush.” And I’ll say something like. “If it's yellow let it mellow…if it’s brown flush it down!” or “Stop global warming.” Which just pisses her off more…but I think it’s funny.

Me: Hey you look dumb in that outfit.
Paloma: No I don’t. Bitch.
[5 minutes later]
You really think so.
Me: bitchwholooksdumb says what?
Paloma: What?
Me: Exactly.
Paloma: Ugh! I’m changing.

Paloma: You look like a whore in that outfit.
Me: Really?
[5 minutes later]
Fuck it. I’ll just put a scarf on top… and a hat.

All of our differences aside, we deal with each other pretty well. We know how far to push each other…or not. We’re good about respecting each others point of view and boundaries.

I guess we all have this background story that molds the person we are or the one we become, and I know that this friendship will be one of those that I’ll look back on with lots of fond and happy memories.

You kick ass Paloma, more power to ya!

[check my facebook soon for the rest of the pictures.]


Mozchocprincess said…
hey, what did u look like in her clothes? we also wanna see that, i mean in the " best of both worlds" shoot...don't cheat
Ellio said…
She's looking real good

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