It's simple, really....

I put a lot of pressure onto myself,I have to constantly live up to my high expectations, I wouldnt say that they're high expectaions, but everytime I set a goal to do something, I go in expecting the best. But still, I'm not always the best, but there's a confort in knowing that I did my absolute best.

I'm in my first real job, and still the same constant living up to high expectations in every task. Still I fail a lot more than I can stomach.

However when other people do NOT live up to MY supposedly simple expectations, it makes me really frustrated and ready to punch a wall (or a face).
One of my biggest pet peeves is having to repeat myself. Some people actually have the difficulty in grasping the idea of what I'm trying to tell them.

You see, I have met a lot of people who could actually understand me the first time. I have met plenty of them. So when I keep having to repeat myself with this one person, I wonder why I even bothered to have a conversation with him/her in the first place.

This is not when teaching is concerned, this is when you're having a normal day-to-day conversation. I mean, sometimes you'd have to repeat things when you're teaching something to someone, so it's cool, really.
But in normal day-to-day conversations, when the person you're having a conversation with just cannot grasp the idea of where you're having lunch, and you keep having to repeat yourself and/or break down the idea, tell me if you won't feel like hurting someone with something sharp.

I don't know, but I think that some people take the thinking process lightly and/or not go through the thinking process at all.

Whatever, just remember that we get older everyday, so we should really amp the thinking activity.

P/S: I'm not saying that I'm better than the next person, or that I'm so bright that no one on this planet deserves to have a conversation with me. Just that, I would know if you're trying to have a conversation with me without switching your brain on and I won't appreciate it.


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