I'm Not One To Talk

What do you do when you're 20, content, confident, paranoid yet accepting and feeling better about life than ever, yet find yourself drinking too much whisky, talking to a 8 year old about your intimacy issues and you're looking for something to terminate your erratic mood swings. Oh and I'm not talking about myself here, but you already KNEW that, neh?

Pass the j*int, the beer and a piece of chicken. Let's handle it all the best way we know how. I'm hungry...

Selfishness: should we continue to apologize?

Or where is the line between healthy self love and extreme ego?
Not here.

What time is it? I need drink,is too early? It's Friday, and that is just way too much to think about.

Have a great weekend friends. I hope to see you around town!

Ah and one more thing, I'll be photographing The Inc party today...or tomorrow i'm not sure when it is, but....show up!

oh and a quick early Happy Birthday to my friend Ickx Kwizera!


Gabriel Taju said…
Pass the j*int, the beer and a piece of chicken. Let's handle it all the best way we know how.
So fun..

Many ppl are addicted to making mistakes , then ask sorry over and over again you know?
We should learn to forgive with your heart. Then no matter how many times, we will not feel selfish if one day we say F*** you.

You shining in those pics =) Keep it bright.
Oi Gabriel! Didn’t see you partyin' it up this weekend. Matreco.

Well it’s different when you continuously make the same "mistakes" and keep apologizing for the same shit, then you're not sorry at all.
Then you're just apologizing for being yourself?

I like your point of view there...maybe I should told him to "f*ck off" a long time ago. It’s sad when your ego starts interfering with your relationships and so on. Some of us just don’t know where to draw that line.

Um beijo pra ti Gabriel and see you around!

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