David Bray - Illustration

Good Morning!

Well I had a pretty amazing weekend; I slept so much I literally thought I was physically unable to get out of my bed. Put my phone on silent and just watched people call me or text and not having the least bit of energy to say something back, that’s not good for business but its damn good for the body I tell ya.

One of the first things you’ll find out about me is that I probably have the worst attention in the world; I just never learnt how to pay attention… I suppose something has to really grab my attention in order to keep me listening or watching.
Today, through my random reading on the web, I found this amazing artist and freelance illustrator, David Bray. Talk about attention grabbing! He uses the traditional method of putting pencil to paper.
His complex works explore emotion and the world of fantasy whilst using the female form as his main subject, a sexy female form that is. Not only is he a super successful artist he’s getting so much love commercially as well, from the likes of H&M , Nokia, Puma and many more.

You can see more of his illustrations here, if you’re interested.


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