Slightly Overwelmed...

Hello Reader,

How has your week coming along? Hope it's been great! It's already
Thursday and mine is as hectic as can be. I have a major conference
going on at work next week ( worst of all we hadnt had network connection for 3 days, in money years...that's like 3 months worth of damages)so, lots of things to organize, flights,catering, rooms, security, people to see, papers to read. Yeah...a lot of reading and this does not include my regular everyday reading. My
regular everyday reading involves doing blog-rounds, scanning the
dailies to keep up with the ever changing world, and then my D60 manual.
Talk about major information overload!

It gets exhausting sometimes trying to keep up with it all, and I wonder
how do other people do it? How do you do it? How do you cope with all
the information that is constantly being thrown at you? I understand
that it is humanly impossible to read it all, and you've got to prioritize but then its almost as if each one is just as important, and you don't want to miss out, and then be in the uninformed category.

Every where I look, people are consuming information in one form or
another. Constantly glued to the Berry's, Iphones, TV screens, Internet,
chatting with colleagues, strangers on the bus...all the while being
bombarded with news, details, stories and happenings both past and present. It is the age of information overload...and I'm just curious as to how you handle it? What do you read? What's important to you and what isn't (in regards to information)?

I can't be the only one feeling slightly overwhelmed with it
share your story.

Have a great week and weekend, and continue to be the BEST you can be.



Anonymous said…
Iz so proud of u girl...You are so in the right track, keep it up.

Ur forever Friend

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