Roots for the Feeling, Rock for Energy and Reggae for Beat

By Talumba Katawala
By Talumba Katawala

I got home at 5am last Saturday. I went to the major dub show at Centro Cultural Franco Mocambicano (CCFM) and then somehow ended up at Gil Vicent bar, with 6 natty dread guys, where they were pumping death metal jams and everybody was drunk and looked liked they went to hell and back. I fell asleep on my chair and new it was time to go home.

Rewind some hours.

Roots Rock Reggae
Made in France
On a Southern African Tour (March-April 2010)

My Best friend, Johara and I, decided to be on time for the show on Friday. We had heard good things about the band; someone said the guitarist was cute ;-)!
Right way getting to Franco we could feel the vibe and excitement from crowd.
Name on the list? Check. (I could get used to that).

The show was opened by none other than our very own Ras Haitrm and the Word, Sound & Power. They got everyone pumped for what was going to be a promising night! They plaid my personal favorite “Kota Kota” that song never fails.

Then the long a waited moment (at least for me), City Kay got to the stage. The band is made of 6 young professional musicians who gathered around a common passion for authentic and inspired Reggae music.They sound and look like sheer groove of the legendary 70-80’s Jamaican and English productions, a mixture of traditional Golden Age Reggae dubbed by original modern arrangements. Their style is poetic, positive, realistic and radical, with enlightened horn-like voices and riddims.

City Kay’s vibe is deep and moist, like a tropical night in Kingston, with a strong hint of Dub.
City Kay has auto-released a first album called Preoccupations, I don’t know where you can get it at the moment, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know. But there’s no doubt stage is the best plate-form to savor the Roots Rock Reggae fest City Kay became masters of, and it’s no wonder why their sound touches and thrills wide audiences from young curious cats to Reggae old disciples…

After the show, at the backstage I attempted to have an interview with the band, under the circumstances it was literally impossible, all I have written is:

TK: So where are y’all from?
Major Yo (Lead vocals/back vocal/guitar): He’s (pointa to band member) Russia, and he’s from Germany … hahaha…* Laughs all around*
Jay Ree- (Lead vocal/back vocals): I’m originally from London.
Saymon- Drums: France. Born and raised. I guess all the rest of us are.
TK: As kids we are all individually known for something particular growing up. What were you known for? (This isn’t what’s written on the paper, but I’m assuming that was the question)
Major Yo: In high school, I was the only guy with dreadlocks.
Laughs all around
Major Yo: Why is that funny? I was.

TK: So, on a normal night, what do you drink in France?
Jay Ree: He (points to Major Yo )used to live in this area called Champagne. So he should probably know more about drinking.
Saymon: Why are you girls not eating?

So, I guess my 'interview' is probably not a good reference. The rest of the night was bliss. Lot’s of chatting and experience sharing. Saymon the drummer, taught me how to do the English school boy shake. We danced reggae till dawn. Then the boys had to go, they had a show to do the next day in Swaziland.

Enjoy more of the City Kay’s vibe on:


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