De Lima

Lately I've felt as if I am lacking on the number of posts I've been posting. I've tried to post at least one post a day, but I can never find a way to actually keep up with time! Anyways, somehow I managed to find time in my busy life to do a little quick post .
Do you ever have those moments where you become engaged in deep, contemplative thought, and then realize you were thinking about the weirdest things? Well I've just come to realize I do this on a regular basis. One moment I'll be concentrating on what you’re saying, and the next I'm lost in a cloud of pointless thoughts. Then I take a sharp turn down weirdo street and wonder how creative would fashion designers be if our feet were hooves? Hmm…. Finally I realize I sound like a freak thinking about these things and stop thinking because I become afraid someone's listening to what I think. . . but don't worry I’m completely sane… where was I going with this? Oh yeah.

This Sunday I called my girlfriend Iris de Lima Correia to go out and do some shooting. And then I realized that my imagination was lacking (due to my constant mind trippin'), but thank goodness her pretty face saved the day!

Thank you girl, you're a doll!


Miguel said…
Poh Talumba ainda estou á espera do Break Dance PhotoShoot!!! mas acredito q agora dei t uma ideia de um post po teu blog! beijo!!!

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